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Interdisciplinary tech and policy professional focusing on trustworthy Machine Learning, ethical Artificial Intelligence policymaking, digital policies and innovation through the lens of EU-US transatlantic agenda. Experienced in management consulting, sustainability, youth policies, transatlantic relations and digital transformation, while previously acting as an SDG ambassador, European Parliament policy analyst, UN ECOSOC Youth Forum delegate, CAIDP fellow, Board member of EIT Digital Alumni Community and an EU Public Policy Affairs Junior Executive for AI and Emerging Tech at Fujitsu Belgium.

Publications & Conferences

Optimizing Bike Sharing System Flows Using Graph Mining, Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks
IEEE TEMS (2020)

The Summer School of Machine Learning at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Skoltech - Moscow (2020)

European Technology & Engineering Management Summit
FH Dortmund (2020)

Using Cutaneous Receptor Vibration to Uncover the Effect of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) on Motor Cortical Excitability
Medical Science Monitor (2020)

Forum on Future Cities: Urban Intelligence
The Broad Institute - Cambridge, MA, USA (2019)

IC Research Day – Frontiers of Visual Computing
EPFL - Lausanne (2017)

Emergency Recovery Procedure Mobile Application (p. 22)
IEEE SoftCOM - Croatia (2016)

Work experience

Erasmus+ FGPE Project: Content Management Assistant (2020)


Board Member: Outreach and Partnerships Officer(2020-2021)


Data Visualization Specialist (2019)


Ambassador for USA and EU (2019-2020)

EIT Digital

Business Challenge Coach (2018-2019)

EIT Digital Academy

Data Analytics Teaching Assistant (2017)


Market Research Analyst (2017)

AlpMars SA

Statistical Analysis of Cloud Banking Technologies (2017)

EPFL Junior Enterprise

Data Analyst (2017)

Ericsson ETK

Android Developer (2016)

Ericsson ETK

Language Certificates


English Objective Proficiency (C2.1)

IELTS Academic - 8.0 (C1)

Cambridge FCE (B2)

Mandarin Chinese (中文)

Confucius Institute (A1)

Russian (Русский язык)

FFST UniST (A1/A2)

German (Deutsch)

Kroatisch – Deutsche Gesellschaft (A1)

French (Français)

Centre de Langues EPFL (UNIL) (A1/A2)

Italian (Italiano)

High School Diploma (A1)

Professional Training & Personal Development

EIT Alumni CONNECT Organizer: UN SDG 11 & INNOVEIT Innovation Forum (2019)


Strategic Thinking Training - Next Europe: Finding Strategic Answers in the Era of Innovation (2019)

CAP - Center for Applied Policy Research (Centrum für angewandte Politikforschung)

Leitung: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Werner Weidenfeld


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